About Us

Trade Global is a striving company with presence in key cities worldwide dedicated exclusively to offer its knowledge and experience in the textile industry and its wide range of products. From large corporations, middle size companies and small businesses, Trade Global has proved for years to be a useful partner to successfully face the increasing market demands and constrains, the endless changes in the commerce legislation and regulatory systems at national level, the lack of reliable information on potential partners, products and services, and above all, in overcoming the language and cultural barriers that usually turn into serious barriers for a long term and sustainable growth for a company with international aspirations.

Trade Global provides "tailor made" solutions to these challenges, offering rapid and efficient support based upon the highest professional standards and ethics, prioritizing strong, fruitful and long term relationships suited to the current trends of the global market.

Trade Global searches for reliable suppliers and clients, helping to establish long lasting commercial relations, promoting high quality products and services, and opening new frontiers and markets in an increasingly competitive and demanding world.

Trade Global - Quality and Trust Above All.