Specialized Agency Services

Trade Global is a striving company formed by a selected group of professionals, with many international commerce and language skills, capable of bridging the cultural and business style gaps around the world in order to faithfully represent the client needs and requirements in a prompt and efficient approach. Trade Global will negotiate for you with maritime companies for you to have the most cost effective ratio; will be responsible for all the documentation issuing process and will take all necessary measures in order to guarantee that imports and exports run smoothly.

Products and Services Consulting

Trade Global experience and professional skills will be focused on searching for the right product and its quality testing so the product chosen is the one to be loaded and shipped. Trade Global will also help you negotiate the best price and payment terms available in the market.

Development of New Markets

Trade Global worldwide contacts portfolio is available in order to promote the development of new business opportunities and new horizons.

Quality Control & Pre-Loading Inspections

Trade Global In certain countries, Trade Global provides in house production monitoring as well as pre-loading services in order to guarantee that the products manufactured and loaded match the specifications agreed between parties of the negotiation process.